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Electrifying Democracy in Rural America

For this energy policy expert, rural electric co-ops empower communities and strengthen democracy.
American and Mexican flags displayed in front of a commercial crab processing plant.

Practicing an ‘Insurgent Politics of Care’ in Rural America

How rural residents and immigrant communities are adapting to the broken rural health landscape on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

What Rural Healthcare Looks Like in ‘The Land that Time Forgot’

How immigrant workers navigate rural healthcare in Maryland’s Eastern Shore

This Teachers Union Leader Wants to Turn Rural Schools Into Community Hubs

The American Federation of Teachers’ Rural Caucus advocates turning public schools into social service centers

Farmers Face a Precarious Future. Is the Farm Bureau on Their Side?

At the Farm Bureau’s “New Frontiers” conference, tensions flare over the future of farming
A homeless man stands outside of a tent in Missouri.

Taking Stock of Rural America’s ‘Hidden’ Homeless

A Housing Assistance Council report shines new light on rural America’s housing crisis

Dan Osborn Challenges Nebraska’s Political Establishment with a Blue-Collar Agenda

In his campaign for the U.S. Senate, Osborn, who led a prominent labor strike against Kellogg’s in 2021, plans to bring together a coalition of farmers, union laborers and small business owners

Organizing State Legislators to Think Rural

‘Rural people need policymakers working at all levels on their behalf’
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From Inside the Farm Bill

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February 22, 2024

The Organizers Forging a Rural Action Plan for 2024

‘We need to make sure that rural leadership has a seat at the table’

February 15, 2024

Residents Want to Keep Their County-Owned Nursing Home Public. Why Do Local Elected Officials Want to Privatize It?

In Wisconsin’s Lincoln County, the People for Pine Crest are organizing to keep their five-star nursing home from being privatized

February 8, 2024

Nevada Supreme Court Issues Major Water Ruling

The court’s unanimous decision gives Nevada’s top water regulator clear authority to manage groundwater depletion in the state

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