Residents Want to Keep Their County-Owned Nursing Home Public. Why Do Local Elected Officials Want to Privatize It?

In Wisconsin’s Lincoln County, the People for Pine Crest are organizing to keep their five-star nursing home from being privatized

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January 25, 2024

In This Oklahoma Town, Having Medical Debt Can Mean Getting Sued by the Hospital

With some 100 million people in the United States burdened by healthcare debt, medical debt lawsuits clog courtrooms across the country. Most cases go uncontested.

Mitchell Black & Noam N. Levey, KFF Health News
December 21, 2023

New York State Legislators Take Historic Stand Against Privatization of Home Health Care

A proposed law from a coalition of activists and legislators would raise wages and make home care more affordable for seniors and the disabled

December 14, 2023

Will Biden’s Historic Proposal Address the Crisis in Rural Nursing Homes?

The nursing home industry opposes the first-ever staffing minimums but advocates say the proposed rules do not go far enough

November 16, 2023

How Abortion Bans in Rural States Undercut Domestic Violence Prevention

As OB-GYNs leave states with abortion bans, with them goes the first line of defense for women facing domestic violence

October 9, 2023

As Rural Hospitals Disappear, Air Ambulances Struggle to Fill the Gap

Air ambulances are now a lifeline for many rural communities. But there is no guarantee they'll stick around.

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