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On the Chopping Block

BLM plans to raze 380,000 acres of pinyon-juniper forests vital to Nevada tribes

Driftless Water Defenders Go on the Offensive in Iowa

New group mobilizes citizens to protect Iowa’s “last island of ecological integrity”

Harvesting Destruction

Reflections of a lifelong Montana rancher on the corporate takeover of our food system and what it means for the future of our nation and planet

Canceled Documentary Screening Raises Questions about Farm Bureau Ties to North Carolina’s Largest Health Insurer

Blue Cross of North Carolina counts the Farm Bureau, a champion of industrial hog farms, as a major customer

Finger Lakes Residents Fight to Enforce Constitutional Right to a Clean Environment

In recent court filings, New York Attorney General Letitia James argues that citizens cannot use the Green Amendment to block the state’s largest landfill from expanding

Mangroves in Georgia? What a Tropical Plant Reveals About a Warming World

The jury’s out on the overall benefits of, or drawbacks to, mangrove migration

Here Is What the New Hardiness Zone Map Means for Your Garden

Changes in the new USDA map provides evidence of a warming planet

Will the EPA’s New PFAS Rules Protect Our Water, Farms and Health?

Polluters should be held responsible for the billions per year in estimated cleanup costs.
Clara Riley stands with her family members around their dining room table.

A Coal Mine Has Upended Life in a Rural Alabama Town. Now A Fatal Home Explosion Has Residents Demanding Accountability

A mining company representative fled from a family’s home when a reporter arrived. Residents worry the company will also evade state regulation, as safety expert warns other explosions could happen.
Lee Hedgepeth & James Bruggers, Inside Climate News
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April 10, 2024

Electrifying Democracy in Rural America

For this energy policy expert, rural electric co-ops empower communities and strengthen democracy.

April 1, 2024

New York’s Green Amendment Faces Critical Test in New Lawsuit

Seneca Meadows, the state’s largest landfill, is running out of space and wants to expand. Community members say it violates their rights under the Green Amendment.

March 10, 2024

Saving the Southeast’s Salt Marshes

Imperilled by rising seas and over-development, tidal wetlands in the region, crucial to it’s ecological, cultural and economic life, are gaining new protections through an array of ambitious local initiatives backed by federal dollars