Science & Environment

Electrifying Democracy in Rural America

For this energy policy expert, rural electric co-ops empower communities and strengthen democracy.

New York’s Green Amendment Faces Critical Test in New Lawsuit

Seneca Meadows, the state’s largest landfill, is running out of space and wants to expand. Community members say it violates their rights under the Green Amendment.

Saving the Southeast’s Salt Marshes

Imperilled by rising seas and over-development, tidal wetlands in the region, crucial to it’s ecological, cultural and economic life, are gaining new protections through an array of ambitious local initiatives backed by federal dollars

The Bad River Chippewa Take on an Oil Giant: Review of ‘Bad River: A Story of Defiance’

A new film chronicles how the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa are united in their opposition to Enbridge pipelines

New York’s Anti-Fracking Coalition Unites in Efforts to Block CO2 Gas Drilling Spree

A Texas businessman with a multi-million-dollar plan to use carbon dioxide to extract methane from shale formations and bypass New York’s fracking ban has gone silent. New York’s anti-fracking coalition wants to keep it that way

In Short Measures Life May Perfect Be

In an age overrun by our relentless desire for more—whether more wealth or more productivity from limited soil—Wendell Berry’s writings offer a way to find wholeness in life’s finitude
David Barr, Sightings

Native Seed Network Takes Root in the Northeast

Diverse groups join forces to bolster the native seed supply for ecological restoration

Nevada Supreme Court Issues Major Water Ruling

The court’s unanimous decision gives Nevada’s top water regulator clear authority to manage groundwater depletion in the state

New York AG Letitia James v. the Green Amendment

The constitutional amendment passed by New York voters guarantees the right to a clean environment—but Attorney General Letitia James says she won’t enforce it
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January 15, 2024

Lawn Fertilizer Bans Not Solving Manatee Crisis in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon

Research from Florida Atlantic University shows sewage is a driver of harmful algal blooms

January 2, 2024

Nine Times More ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Water Near Sludge-Spread Fields

New York State and waste management entities promote the use of sewage sludge as fertilizer, but recent tests show high levels of PFAS pollution in water near sludge-spread fields

December 26, 2023

Giving the Unsung Heroes of River Life a Fighting Chance

The unlikely comeback of one of the most imperiled animals in North America