Food & Agriculture

Canceled Documentary Screening Raises Questions about Farm Bureau Ties to North Carolina’s Largest Health Insurer

Blue Cross of North Carolina counts the Farm Bureau, a champion of industrial hog farms, as a major customer

Will Senate Democrats Defend Child Labor Protections in the Farm Bill?

The Senate Republican farm bill framework fails the farms and families of rural America

The Book That Made the ‘Hog Barons’ Squeal

A Q&A with author Austin Frerick on how the “barons” responded to his book and what consolidation in the food industry means for Main Street

Six Takeaways from the GOP’s Farm Bill Draft

Austerity budgets, SNAP cuts, fuzzy math, nostalgia for “Bipartisanship” and more

House Ag Committee Passes Farm Bill Draft Protecting Key Republican Priorities

After hours of contentious debate over nutrition, conservation, the definition of “cuts” and the meaning of “bipartisanship,” the Republican-led committee passed a bill that crossed several of Democrats’ “red lines”

Here Is What the New Hardiness Zone Map Means for Your Garden

Changes in the new USDA map provides evidence of a warming planet

Partisan Clash or ‘Grand Bargain’? Dueling Proposals Set the Stage for the Farm Bill’s Uncertain Future

Lawmakers in both chambers of Congress appeal for support for their vision of the farm bill, yet a deep impasse looms ahead of an expected May 23 markup in the House

Farmers Tell FTC Chair to Block Koch Industries’ $3.6 Billion Acquisition of Iowa Fertilizer Plant

“We’re looking for intervention,” say farmers as ag industry consolidation fuels calls for antitrust action

Conservation Programs Are Popular with Farmers. Why Does the G.O.P. Want to Defund Them?

Republicans are targeting Inflation Reduction Act climate funding that mostly benefits red state farmers
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April 4, 2024

Democrats Are Missing a Key Moment to Back Farmworkers

Despite a lack of evidence, Republicans in the House claim that high farmworker wages are causing farmers to go broke. Democrats should stand up for farmworkers and set the record straight.

March 25, 2024

Farmers Face a Precarious Future. Is the Farm Bureau on Their Side?

At the Farm Bureau’s “New Frontiers” conference, tensions flare over the future of farming

March 14, 2024

This Montana Rancher Has a Beef with Corporate Meat Monopolies

For Gilles Stockton, antitrust enforcement is they key to revitalizing our food system and fractured politics

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