Food & Agriculture

Drought Resistant Millet, a Crop for a Changing Climate

"I've never seen a crop that stood the heat and stood the drought and still made me money," says Matt Little, who grows millet in Ellis County, Oklahoma
Eva Tesfaye, Harvest Public Media
Sign that says, "For Sale 5+ Acre Mini Farms"

Not Every Farmer Wants to “Get Big or Get Out”

As land ownership continues to consolidate into fewer and wealthier hands, some small farmers vow to stay in place
Brooks Lamb

Tribes Take the Lead on Regenerative Agriculture

Ioway, Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek) and Quapaw share their traditional practices with both Native and nonnative farmers to improve the soil and water for everyone
Eva Tesfaye, Harvest Public Media

Could Raw Milk Reinvent the Future of Dairy?

Through small-scale production, farmers can make more money and their customers can get better milk
Abby Rockefeller

Regulating CAFOs Hits Snag in Wisconsin

Proponents of industrial agriculture seek access to emails and threaten local officials with lawsuits to prevent environmental regulation of CAFOs
Bennet Goldstein, Wisconsin Watch
Hemp Farmer John S. Rodgers

Are Cannabis Growers Farmers? More Than a Name Is at Stake

Vermont and other states consider how to regulate the new industry
Mike Dunphy

Extreme Drought Threatens Farmers’ Livelihoods and Rural Economy

The signs of a changing climate harbinger hard times for agricultural communiities in the Great Plains and the Midwest
Bennet Goldstein, Wisconsin Watch

Why Farms Got Bigger and People Fewer

Pulitzer Prize winner Art Cullen explains
Art Cullen

Three Ways to Stop the Pollution of Iowa’s Water

A University of Iowa researcher has a solution to the decades-long degradation of the state's water quality
Chris Jones
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June 4, 2023

A USDA Pilot Project Funds Vermont Farmers Who Practice Sustainable Grazing

"It’s a lot easier to participate in these kinds of programs when there’s money in the checkbook," says dairy farmer Guy Chioniere

Mario Reinaldo Machado
April 30, 2023

Back to the Land in the Ozarks

Since 1978, Kay and Ted Berger have forgone the amenities of "civilization" and built a life as Ozark farmers

Alex Sandy Primm
April 28, 2023

The Labor Department’s Program To Protect Farmworkers Is in Disarray

For 50 years, the Monitor Advocate System has set out to prevent unsafe housing, wage theft and other abuses. It now faces chronic understaffing and a lack of outreach.

Sky Chadde, Investigate Midwest