Food & Agriculture

Democrats Are Missing a Key Moment to Back Farmworkers

Despite a lack of evidence, Republicans in the House claim that high farmworker wages are causing farmers to go broke. Democrats should stand up for farmworkers and set the record straight.

Farmers Face a Precarious Future. Is the Farm Bureau on Their Side?

At the Farm Bureau’s “New Frontiers” conference, tensions flare over the future of farming

This Montana Rancher Has a Beef with Corporate Meat Monopolies

For Gilles Stockton, antitrust enforcement is they key to revitalizing our food system and fractured politics

Native Seed Network Takes Root in the Northeast

Diverse groups join forces to bolster the native seed supply for ecological restoration

The USDA’s organic label is broken. Here’s how to fix it.

This grassroots, farmer-led movement is working to restore credibility to organic certification

Federal Investigations into Labor Law Violations by Farm Employers Fall to Record-Low

In the face of lax enforcement by Biden’s Labor Department, labor organizations have stepped up to protect farmworkers

Nine Times More ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Water Near Sludge-Spread Fields

New York State and waste management entities promote the use of sewage sludge as fertilizer, but recent tests show high levels of PFAS pollution in water near sludge-spread fields
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December 21, 2023

Biogas Boondoggle: Wisconsin’s Clean Energy Dollars Are Spent to Transform Livestock Waste Into “Renewable Natural Gas”

Federal funding for solar panels and wind turbines is being used to greenwash CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations)

December 11, 2023

Guess Who’s Crawling to Dinner?

Scientists warn that reducing our demand for meat is needed to mitigate climate change. Do insects provide the answer?

November 29, 2023

‘What We’re Up Against’: North Dakota Towns Stand Up to Farm Bureau for Clean Water

Pelican Township gets dragged into a national campaign to upend local zoning rules.

Keith Schneider, Circle of Blue