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Hans Breitenmoser, a Wisconsin Dairy farmer, sits in his office

Hans Breitenmoser: Dairy Farmer for Fair Maps

“Wisconsin is so severely gerrymandered that you can't even hardly think straight.”
Joel Bleifuss & Justin Perkins

The Emerging Movement to Build Multi-Racial Power in Rural Communities

What the D.C. establishment gets wrong about rural politics
Michael Chameides, Danny Diaz, W. Mondale Robinson & Celina Culver

Letters to the Editor

Wendell Berry’s letter to the editor of The New York Review of Books continues to strike a nerve.
The Editors

Response and Responsibility

Wendell Berry’s letter to the editor of The New York Review of Books published by Barn Raiser struck a nerve. Here’s how readers responded.
The Editors

What Liberal Elites Don’t Know About Rural Americans Can Hurt Us

The New York Review of Books strikes out, again
Wendell Berry

Finding Common Ground at a Montana Barn Raising

The former Montana House speaker and Missoula mayor reflects on working together across differences
Daniel Kemmis
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Barn Raisers
January 20, 2023

Mississippi River Dispatch

Ringing in the New Year from Oquawka to Clarksville

Joel Bleifuss
January 9, 2023

How Farms and Small Businesses Can Get Federal Money for Solar

The Renewable Energy for America Program also provides grants for energy efficiency improvements.

Bryce Oates
Barn Raisers
December 9, 2022

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A letter from the editors

Joel Bleifuss & Justin Perkins