On Caucus Day in Iowa, a Different Kind of Spin Cycle

Ordinary acts of care teach us to look beyond false claims to glory

A Wandering Spirit, A Driftless Heart

Remembering the life and novels of David Rhodes one year after his death

The 19th Century Haunting that Made This Small Tennessee Town Famous

Historian sheds new light on the dark tale of the Bell Witch

The Great Spirit (Why I am a Pagan)

Zitkála-Šá, born on the Yankton Indian Reservation in 1876, embraces the religion of her ancestors

Eating Disorders in Farm Country

We speak openly about the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt or abusing drugs or alcohol, but we don’t routinely talk to our young people about the dangers of eating disorders.
hands clasped in prayer over an open book

The Battle Over Religion in Public Schools

How school prayer, intelligent design, and Bible classes faded from the conservative agenda.
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January 18, 2023

Meatpacking, Migration and the American Dream

An interview with the author of Meatpacking America: How Migration, Work and Faith Unite and Divide the Heartland

January 18, 2023

God and Hogs

The vertical integration of faith and death at Tyson Foods

January 1, 2023

The Reverend’s Solution to New Year’s Resolutions

Reflections of a Lutheran pastor in Dunn County, Wisconsin