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May 30, 2024

What a Leading Epidemiologist Says You Should Know About the Bird Flu

Michael Osterholm breaks down what the bird flu is, why it’s spreading to dairy cows and the pandemic lessons we failed to learn

May 27, 2024

How Oklahoma State University Plans to Boost Rural Journalism

Local news faces major challenges. Small town journalism internships offer a promising solution.

Farm Bill
May 26, 2024

House Ag Committee Passes Farm Bill Draft Protecting Key Republican Priorities

After hours of contentious debate over nutrition, conservation, the definition of “cuts” and the meaning of “bipartisanship,” the Republican-led committee passed a bill that crossed several of Democrats’ “red lines”

Native Life
May 23, 2024

Federal Courts Sentence Native Americans to Longer Prison Terms

How federal authority over tribes fails to provide equal justice under the law

May 20, 2024

Here Is What the New Hardiness Zone Map Means for Your Garden

Changes in the new USDA map provides evidence of a warming planet