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Native Life
April 17, 2023

The Black Snake Threatens Turtle Island

When I moved to the Great Lakes, I did not know a pipeline threatened my ancestral homeland

April 17, 2023

Native Communities Fight Oil Pipeline in Wisconsin and Michigan

The 70-year-old Line 5 pipeline threatens lives, livelihoods and Great Lakes ecosystems

April 17, 2023

To Serve and Protect?

Enbridge pays Minnesota law enforcement agencies to arrest pipeline protesters

March 25, 2023

Not Your Enemy: Reimagining the Human-Wildlife Divide

The new book Tenacious Beasts explores how we can work in partnership with our fellow animals

March 14, 2023

Don’t Let Your Food Waste Become Sewage Sludge

The solid waste industry is greenwashing food waste-to-sewer programs

January 26, 2023

Adrift in the Heart of Wisconsin’s Driftless

A 359-mile canoe trip through the upper Midwest.

January 11, 2023

Cultivate an Ecological Conscience

Be one with nature, don’t conquer it

January 9, 2023

How Farms and Small Businesses Can Get Federal Money for Solar

The Renewable Energy for America Program also provides grants for energy efficiency improvements.

January 5, 2023

Wisconsin’s Forests: Destroyed, Now Reborn

The past, present and future of Wisconsin's public lands

December 9, 2022

“Baptism in Nature’s Warm Heart”: John Muir’s Arrival in Wisconsin

Muir's awe-stricken account of Wisconsin's natural life

December 9, 2022

Will the Cougar Return to Wisconsin?

The big cat once roamed the Midwest, and may yet do so again

December 9, 2022

95% of Wildland Firefighters Are Men. This Program Aims To Change That.

A new National Park Service program teaches young women to fight fires

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