Will Senate Democrats Defend Child Labor Protections in the Farm Bill?

The Senate Republican farm bill framework fails the farms and families of rural America

What a Leading Epidemiologist Says You Should Know About the Bird Flu

Michael Osterholm breaks down what the bird flu is, why it’s spreading to dairy cows and the pandemic lessons we failed to learn

Canceled Documentary Screening Raises Questions about Farm Bureau Ties to North Carolina’s Largest Health Insurer

Blue Cross of North Carolina counts the Farm Bureau, a champion of industrial hog farms, as a major customer
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The Book That Made the ‘Hog Barons’ Squeal

A Q&A with author Austin Frerick on how the “barons” responded to his book and what consolidation in the food industry means for Main Street

Finger Lakes Residents Fight to Enforce Constitutional Right to a Clean Environment

In recent court filings, New York Attorney General Letitia James argues that citizens cannot use the Green Amendment to block the state’s largest landfill from expanding

Food & Agriculture

Six Takeaways from the GOP’s Farm Bill Draft

Austerity budgets, SNAP cuts, fuzzy math, nostalgia for “Bipartisanship” and more

Farmers Tell FTC Chair to Block Koch Industries’ $3.6 Billion Acquisition of Iowa Fertilizer Plant

“We’re looking for intervention,” say farmers as ag industry consolidation fuels calls for antitrust action

Farmers Face a Precarious Future. Is the Farm Bureau on Their Side?

At the Farm Bureau’s “New Frontiers” conference, tensions flare over the future of farming
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Politics & Policy

Organizing Rural and Small Town America for Affordable Housing and Racial Justice

Affordable housing is among the top issues for rural Americans. For this organizer, it’s also the starting point for building strong communities.

Electrifying Democracy in Rural America

For this energy policy expert, rural electric co-ops empower communities and strengthen democracy.

Conservation Programs Are Popular with Farmers. Why Does the G.O.P. Want to Defund Them?

Republicans are targeting Inflation Reduction Act climate funding that mostly benefits red state farmers
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Native Life

The Indigenous Growers Reviving Hemp’s Deep Roots

“Cannabis and hemp offer solutions to many challenges in an industrial society”

Federal Courts Sentence Native Americans to Longer Prison Terms

How federal authority over tribes fails to provide equal justice under the law

The Bad River Chippewa Take on an Oil Giant: Review of ‘Bad River: A Story of Defiance’

A new film chronicles how the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa are united in their opposition to Enbridge pipelines
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Science & Environment

Mangroves in Georgia? What a Tropical Plant Reveals About a Warming World

The jury’s out on the overall benefits of, or drawbacks to, mangrove migration

Will the EPA’s New PFAS Rules Protect Our Water, Farms and Health?

Polluters should be held responsible for the billions per year in estimated cleanup costs.

Here Is What the New Hardiness Zone Map Means for Your Garden

Changes in the new USDA map provides evidence of a warming planet
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The 19th Century Haunting that Made This Small Tennessee Town Famous

Historian sheds new light on the dark tale of the Bell Witch

Jim Hightower Confronts the 1980s Farm Crisis

"It's the same old story—Reagan helps the rich, and Lord help the rest of us."

The Great Spirit (Why I am a Pagan)

Zitkála-Šá, born on the Yankton Indian Reservation in 1876, embraces the religion of her ancestors
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How Oklahoma State University Plans to Boost Rural Journalism

Local news faces major challenges. Small town journalism internships offer a promising solution.

High-Speed Thrills and Warm Weather Blues at the ‘Snowmobile Capital of the World’

As snowmobile racers compete for the title of world champion in Eagle River, Wisconsin, warm weather signals an uncertain future for the sport and its community

A Wandering Spirit, A Driftless Heart

Remembering the life and novels of David Rhodes one year after his death
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In Short Measures Life May Perfect Be

In an age overrun by our relentless desire for more—whether more wealth or more productivity from limited soil—Wendell Berry’s writings offer a way to find wholeness in life’s finitude
David Barr, Sightings
Pigs on a truck on their way to a slaughterhouse

God and Hogs

The vertical integration of faith and death at Tyson Foods
a red rural church in the background with fields of crops in the foreground

The Politics of Loving Your Neighbor in Rural America

Reflections of a Lutheran pastor in Dunn County, Wisconsin
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