Winter 2023

2022 Annual Report

Date founded: June 18, 2022, Orlando family barn

Date incorporated in D.C.: July 6, 2022

Date granted 501-c-3 status: August 18, 2022

Website established: December 9, 2

Financial support provided by the following institutions and individuals:

Puffin Foundation $100,000

Rural Democracy Initiative via Tides Foundation $50,000

Park Foundation $25,000

T.M. Scruggs $100,000

Abby Rockefeller and Lee Halprin $10,000

Polly Howells $5,000

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Barn Raiser connects local and national perspectives through a network of writers and contributors who live in and care about rural and small town communities. By giving voice to shared concerns, and by reporting on local organizing strategies, Barn Raiser will leaven the commons with local connections.

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